Reduce friction.
Boost the bottom line.

No more guessing.
Easy-to-build interactive menus with stunning
360° visuals that meet today's customer expectations.

A menu science
for your restaurant.

AI-powered digital menus that enhance dining experience and maximize your profits.

Showcase dishes in 3D to inform better choices
Highlight high-margin items
Gain new, visually-driven diners  
Grow sales with pairing suggestions
Access unique data insights

Streamline safety & sustainability compliance

Real results

Up to
500 %
Increase in customer engagement
76 %
see technology as a competitive edge

Restaurants love it!

Amara at Paraiso

Amara at Paraiso

Miami, FL
Twisted Fork Brunch Company

Twisted Fork Brunch Company

Bellmore, NY


Williston Park, NY

Welcome to 360° Menus

Create 3D representations of your dishes from photos.
Then, build your virtual menu on a desktop.

AI powered app for instant 3D model creation

Meet the 360 Menu app.
AI powered, Accessible to All.

Publish and manage menus

Easily create menus with
pre-designed desktop tools.

“Creating the models was incredibly easy!”  
It takes minutes to create a realistic 3D model of a dish with the 360° Menu app! Use it to take photos which are uploaded to our AI server that does all the work.
Joel White, VP of Marketing, The Genuine Hospitality Group
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