Connect with consumers in real time.

Millions know your brand, there’re in store right now with a product at hand. It's time to show them you know them. CSCONNECT adds smart packaging, context, and value to any type of consumer packaged goods. Let's drive more sales and loyalty today.

Connect with consumers in real time.

Empower Sales

Turn a Sale into an Experience

Connect with consumers at physical touchpoints

Reach millions of shoppers via connected packaging — anywhere from point of sale to.

Craft meaningful, personalized engagements

Custom-build unique one-on-one digital experiences with CSCONNECT’s precision targeting and programmatic ads.

Build customer relationships for life

Gain clear visibility into consumer buying behavior and product performance in-store and beyond the sale.

The New Digital Reality

Connective technologies is the driving force behind Smart Connect’s platform. We digitize your packages through the use of QR codes, Augmented Reality (AR), and Near-Field Communication (NFC) tags to enable digital engagement and transparency at every point of contact.

The New Digital Reality
Engagement Turned Into Experience

Engagement Turned Into Experience

Create hyper-targeted digital experiences that encourage interaction, sustain attention, and delight customers. CSCONNECT tools let you create and run interactive and augmented reality (AR) campaigns quickly and easily, without requiring any specialized programming or 3D graphics expertise.

Real-time Rich insights

Uncover the consumer data you can't get anywhere else. Develop segments designed to meet your brand goals. Track consumer interactions and spending habits. Drill down by location, category, or segment. Test out your campaigns without spending a dollar on test audiences or paid surveys.

Real-time Rich insights

How it works


Embed an NFC tag or QR code into your physical products. Additionally, add a weblink to any object to enhance customer journey.


Prompt shoppers to tap or scan items to view an augmented experience from their favorite brand.


Delight and capture shoppers’ attention by offering unique content, interactive experiences, and complete authenticity.


Measure ROI, drive consumer loyalty and guarantee repeat business using science-based analytics.

Join world's forward-thinking brands using us to connect goods to consumers.