Interactive experiences for your products in minutes

Activate and engage customers with targeted interactive experiences, pre, during and post-purchase.

Interactive experiences for your products in minutes

What’s included:

Set up QR, NFC or AR campaigns quickly and efficiently. Set up your campaign goals and immediate engagement.

Campaigns Setup

Amplify sales

Engage customers in real-time

Help shoppers find the right product

Give shoppers contextual information that helps them to make the right purchase decisions.

Tailor digital experience

Use augmented reality experiences, lotteries, and gamification options to make the shoppers have fun and feel special.

Build more loyalty purchase

Keep up the personal dialog and give your customers reason to re-engage, and repurchase replenish products.

Pros and Cons of interactivity options

  • Rewards and Discounts
  • Tutorials
  • Coupons and Gifts
  • Re-purchase / one-click buy
  • Customer service / scan & chat
  • Gamification
  • Come back to store

‘’Exceed your customer's expectations. If you do, they'll come back over and over. Give them what they want - and a little more.’’

Gary Montalbano
Sr. VP of Sales

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