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Instantly create a free QR code with logo customized for your brand.

Types of QR codes for marketing

Instantly send people to a URL like an advertisement, landing page, website or social media account.
Use plain text to display a message, like a coupon code or instructions, without the need for internet connection.
Just scan  QR code to give all of the contact information you want to another person.
Easily share a document, like a menu, form or flyer.
Share an exact mapped location so people can route and arrive seamlessly.
Phone Number QR Code: Get your audience to call you.
Enable customers to email you with a single click - no need to enter the email address, worry about the subject line or content.
A QR code to easily download an app, Redirect the user to a URL based on their device's operating system.

QR code solutions for your business

Product Authentication

QR code is a low-cost yet effective solution that helps brands and consumers to identify the authenticity of products and keep counterfeiting at bay.

Launch an Augmented Reality

QR code is a convenient method to experience a 3D view of products and augmented reality.

Guides, Menus, Tutorials

Use QR code solutions to provide customer service. Swap printed manuals to digital ones, made available in many languages and media formats.

Customer Engagement

Leverage the pandemic-fueled popularity of QR to deliver a more experiential shopping journey and brand storytelling.

QR code for Smart Marketing.

Create instant QR codes

Turn your website links, landing pages, events and collateral into instant QR Codes - fast, easy and at scale!

Brand it up with our custom colors and imagery.
Publish with ease and grow your online presence from anywhere.
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Build campaigns and landing pages

Our Campaign Builder tool makes it easy to craft, launch, and measure integrated QR campaigns that stand out and drive traffic immediately.

Drag and drop components to build must-click QR code landing pages and ads - without having to write a single line of code.
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Get started with one of our templates

Start your QR code marketing with one of our professionally-designed landing page templates to launch targeted campaigns like marketing offers, announcements, storytelling, contests, lead generation and more.

Update content, even after publishing

Need to change something after you’ve published a QR code marketing campaign? With CSCONNECT you always have the option to adapt the content connected to a particular QR Code or campaign settings, in just a few clicks.

No matter how many copies of QR codes are out there - they’ll all direct your customers to a right place.
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Analyse campaign
performance in live dashboard

Get real-time insights complete with Google Analytics integration and retargeting.  

Track campaign performance and customer engagement metrics. Understand how, where and when your customers are interacting with your products and services - to analyze and improve on future campaigns.

Design QR code unique for your brand

Maximize scans and make your QR code marketing much more effective and fun. Go beyond black and white, and customize the appearance of your QR codes with your logo and attaching a call-to-action.
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