Turning physical products into digital advertising channels.

Our mission is to help your brand capture true value at the point of sale and beyond. CSCONNECT yields eye-opening insights into consumer behaviors, allowing CPG brands to target the most valuable consumers that drive growth.

Turning physical products into digital advertising channels.

The modern consumer means new ways of doing business.

Digitalization of everything

Virtually every aspect of today's life is captured and stored in digital form. We are moving closer towards the total networked interconnection of everyday objects.


Modern consumers respond best to personalized communications along with the products and services tailored to them.

Valuable Experiences

Great brands are built on experiences that surprise and delight the customer. In the digital world, those experiences now happen in fractions of a second.


Customers want sustainable products from sustainable companies. This includes everything from the environmental impact of product packaging to marketing tactics to green IT practices.

CSCONNECT encapsulates all this in one powerful unified plaform, seamlessly connecting brands with buyers through products.


IoT programmatic advertising platform.




Brands transform their physical products into strategic, measurable and wholly unique advertising channels.

Consumers get access to exclusive content, personalized discounts, auto-replenishment, rewards and more.

Automated campaigns do the work for you

Automated campaigns do the work for you

With our automated targeted campaigns, you can customise any messages and offers by location and/or by customer, to target each one’s specific needs and unique differences. We don’t just hit the target, we pierce the bullseye.

Merchants become data fluent

When purchases are made in a brick-and-mortar store, buyers are as close to anonymous as possible. Analytics is no longer exclusive to eCommerce vendors. Packaged good brands let your company instantly acquire insights into every item sold, giving you the Big Data you crave to produce more data-driven sales.

Merchants become data fluent
Effective, easy and quick to show results

Effective, easy and quick to show results

A modern and intuitive self-service suite, CSCONNECT requires little-to-no training, no big investments or infrastructure overhauls. Get up and running quickly and affordably with our Starter package. Options can be added at any point during or after deployment as needed.

Ready to augment the customer experience?

More reasons to work with us

A turnkey enterprise-grade system.
CSCONNECT allows for a single system that gives your brand end-to-end processes of product digitalization, at scale. It is optimized for your business and personalized for your customers.
Big results for brands of every size.
CSCONNECT helps brands in all industries achieve transformative success. Whether you’ra a midsize company or a Fortune 500 enterprise, our cloud-based suite gives you the ability to realize immediate, continuous value.
Augmented Reality gets real.
We give you the tools to make your own Augmented Reality experiences, incorporate virtual content on top of your campaigns, and create bite-size infotainment experiences for your customers to delight in, smoothing their path to repeat purchase.
Linking tools? The choice is yours.
CSCONNECT is hardware-agnostic, supporting NFC (Contactless), QR, and Augmented Reality, separately or together in one application. It enables a seamless bulk generation of tags with one click. Once it’s loaded, you’ll never have to think about it again until you’re ready for a change.
Raising the bar with customer journey insight.
Consumers take millions of unique paths with your products. But even omnichannel marketing tends to leave the customer journey in-store in the dark. CSCONNECT lets you analyze user behavior across your stores and post-purchase touchpoints, and unveil journey steps previously unseen.
Being strategic with data.
Get the first-party customer data you’ve always wanted. CSCONNECT brings science to the art of sales and marketing, helping consumer brands across industries make better business decisions through advanced data modeling.
Traceability and authenticity.
Unified product data and serial identity management in the cloud means end-to-end products traceability and surveillance along the supply chain. Or more simply put, you’ll always know where every product is and where it came from.
Seamless for the consumer.
There is nothing to download, no third party to sign up with, and no barriers to immediate implementation. All consumers have to do is tap or scan a code, and the immersive brand content is delivered directly to them. All content is accessed via the consumer’s native web browser.

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