Digital and physical worlds are converging.

We help enterprises modernise their marketing by connecting physical products with consumers through immersive digital experiences.

CSCONNECT is used to create full-scale QR campaigns,  immersive commerce, and augmented reality. No coding required.
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Self-serve platform:
A smarter way to scale

Implement anything

Bring augmented reality experiences, 3D visualizations and landing pages to your campaigns - with full flexibility and at scale.  Our technology makes it easy for brands of any size, from solopreneurs to global enterprises.
digitalising physical products

Let your brand shine

Customise any of our powerful templates or design your own to showcase your brand using our Content Editor - no coding requirement.
Upload 3D models and objects to your CSCONNECT Content Library, or collaborate with our creative team who will build 3D assets for your brand in no time.

Manage all from one place

Create, manage, and report on your immersive marketing campaigns - augmented reality, QR or NFC - in one place. Manage team permissions, campaign workflows, NFC tag inventory and much more

Here's what our clients say:

“We were able to immediately use and enterprise-grade product with no investment. The most relevant approach to marketing in our tool chest.”
— Robert Alpe
Director of Marketing, ABEO
Here's what our clients say:
“We chose CSCONNECT as our QR/AR marketing platform because it’s intuitive and easy to use. Our team was able to build and manage effective immersive campaigns with no coding, in real-time.”
— Christina Bjorn
Head of Customer Experience, YOGATI

Built with the
enterprise perspective


CSCONNECT offers a very flexible and granular tenancy management, support for multiple brands, user permissions, and self-service control over account’s configurations.


CSCONNECT helps you grow your immersive digital experience marketing with tools for brands of any size and unlimited number of real-time campaigns.


Deploy augmented reality and immersive experience marketing on the backend of your enterprise's existing offerings with easily customizable, quick to integrate REST APIs and SDK.


CSCONNECT delivers enterprise-grade security and compliance while giving you control over your data.

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