Instill confidence in your brand
with NFC.

Bring a remarkable transparency to your brand and get the most of our NFC marketing solutions.

Let customers verify the authenticity of your products, explore your brand’s sustainability story and engage in hassle-free repeat purchasing.
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 nfc solutions for marketing

Make your products smart and secure
with just the tap of a smartphone.

nfc tags for product authentication


Embed an NFC tag into product packaging or labelling as a mark of authenticity. A simple tap with an NFC smartphone is all it takes to prevent a counterfeit.
 nfc chip


Packaging that uses an NFC chip can be reusable. That can help your company reduce its carbon footprint and become a critical contributor to sustainable practices.
 nfc tags in marketing


Let your consumers access brand-crafted, exclusive content such as videos, games, tutorials, and more - before, during or after
the sale.
 nfc for brand protectionnfc for consumer packaged goods

NFC Product Authentication + Customer Engagement

High-end cosmetics and beauty brands use CSCONNECT NFC solutions for product authentication against counterfeit.

Carefully-crafted content connects would-be buyers to additional information about the product, introduces cross-sell items and replenish options.

That not only increases consumer confidence before buying a brand's product but helps maximize customer satisfaction, ensuring the right product gets recommended for someone's specific needs.

How do NFC tags work?

  • Order NFC tags from CSCONNECT - shipped to you.
  • Embed NFC tags on to a product packaging or label.
  • Create the NFC campaign using CSCONNECT platform.
  • Customize content in our Campaign Editor.
  • Track the campaign performance in live dashboard.